Kalender 15 November 2017 - 11:30 to 14:00 Kalmar Nyckel, Ny204

Far to little use is made of creative students in generating business and innovation power. We want to change that!

In Nutcracker, as a student you can play an important part in creating added value for both the university and local businesses in terms of innovation. Nutcracker provides the foundation for you to become a fully fledge open innovation professional. 

How it works:

4-5 companies from the business community in the region ask questions during a two hour session. As a student, you help the company to find innovative/creative solutions to their problems. You work with random groups of 6-8 participants. You are provided with nest based software to support the process and need to take your own laptop or tablet with you. 

After the process the company selects a winning team to work with their problem. Winners to be provided with an in depth presentation of the company at a suitable date for the group. This is an excellent opportunity to make contact with the local business community in terms of thesis work or future employment - who know what will happen. 

If you join up with Nutcracker you will receive a certificate to prove you have participated in this important exchange of innovaton. A valueble document to include on your CV.

We provide lunch for all at the Nutcracker session.


This session will take a maximum of 40 particiants. Register on the link below. Registration is binding.