Potential - The entrepreneurial training program

Kalender 23 oktober 2018 - 17:00 YESBOX, gamlestadsvägen 4 hus B13

Have an idea and whant the tools to make it happen?

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As a participant of our entrepreneurial training Program ’Potential’ you will receive: 

  • Hands on entrepreneurial skill training 
  • Tools for business development 
  • Support and feedback from an advisory board
  • A broader network of experts and fellow entrepreneurs
  • Your own business coach

Do you want to develop a value creating and sustainable idea? Potential is the program for you.

The program will be held in English and we have a limited number of participants.

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Course content and layout

Date            Time          Location

23 oktober     17.00-20.00  YESBOX           

Launch – Welcome! Introduction & presentations.

30 oktober   17.00-20.00 YESBOX                        

Your idéa- Presentation of your idéa, mapping your assets & develop your idéa effectual.

6 november   17.00-20.00 YESBOX                        

The LOOP method- Turn your hypothesis into facts

13 november 17.00-20.00 YESBOX                         

Who is your customer? - Customer segmentation. Define your customers problems and needs.

27 november     17.00-20.00 YESBOX                      

What is your value proposition? - Value creating products and services, how to choose. Minimum viable product

4 december  17.00-20.00  YESBOX                   

Final - Pitch your idea infront of a feedback jury.