Potential – The Business Development Program

Develop your idea for customer success

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Potential is a workshop series for you who have a business idea and want tools for executing a value creating and sustainable idea.

During 5 workshop sessions you and 14 other entrepreneurs will be able to focus on and work with your idea through Drivhuset business development process. You work with idea development, customer segmentation, value creation and business modeling. In addition to Drivhuset process managers, representatives from our three partners, SEB, Modern Ekonomi and Front Advokater will join every session and work as an advisory board for you. They will be able to give you valuable feedback, advice and tips on how to best develop your business idea. In the end of the workshop series you will also be able to pitch your idea infront of a jury of expertise. The workshops will be given in English.

Number of participants: 15

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Course content and layout

Date            Time          Location

9 november     16.30-18.30  YESBOX           

Launch – Welcome! Introduction to the program, presentation and guest speaker

15 november   16.30-19.00                        

Your idéa- Presentation of your idéa, ,mapping your assets, develop your idéa effectual.

22 november   16.30-19.30                         

Who is your customer? - Customer segmentation. What are your customers problems and needs?

5 december     16.30-19.30                        

 What is your value proposition? - Value creating products and services, how to choose. Minimum viable product

18 december   16.30-20.30                        

Final - Pitch your idea infront of a jury of expertise. Guest speaker