Know your personal brand

Kalender 13 februari 2018 - 14:00 till 16:00 Linneuniversitetet i Växjö, room Student lounge, H-building

Personal brand. What, how och why? 

From student life to working life

In order to make a good impression and good decisions regarding your future career, it is important that you know your own values, interests, personality traits and skills. In short - that you know yourself.

Storytelling is important, that will make people listen to you. What is your story? LNU Career will, in this crash-course, give you all the right tools in order for you to advance in your career plan. The material of this course will be avaliable in both Swedish and English. 

Limited amount of participants. Apply to 

Psst! This course is a perfect prepartaion to the E-faktor audition!