Welcome to Social Innovation Camp!

Complex challenges in society can be solved by innovative ideas!

SOCIAL INNOVATION CAMP VÄXJÖ THE 10TH OF OCTOBER will gather young students for a creative workshop to solve social challenges like climate changing, mental illnes, inequality and demographic changes. When people put their minds together great things will happen!

This event will be held in both swedish and english.

When and where:

8:00-17:00 at Videum Science Park Växjö, House Charlie

Framtidsvägen 12A 

352 57 Växjö

SINC have invited private companies, the public sector, economic associations and organizations from the innovative support system to handle out cases based on social challenges. It is now up to the students to solve these cases in collaborations with the companies and organizations. 

What is social enterprises?

Social enterprises are companies which main ambition is to solve or paretly solve social challenges.

Example of social challenges:

Death of the citycenters, mental illness among young peole, lonliness, alienation, integration, environmental challnges.

Why should I attend SINC? Who can attend SINC?

Are you tired of reading bad news? Do you wanna be part of a  bigger solution? Do you want to be inspired and make new amazing contacts and even friends? Everybody attending will earn an dimploma for participating and be part of the first SINC ever held in Växjö. This event is open for all students at Linnaeus University and from UF.

What will happen after SINC the 10th of October?

The main ambition is to establish collaborations between the participants and the organizations/companies. Drivhuset and Coompanion will guide the "new companies" to develop their ideas afterwards. 

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Sign up for SINC at this link today!